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Driving the Conversation

As a land-grant institution, Mississippi State strives to educate, serve and advance scientific discovery—and that doesn’t stop at the campus borders.
Campus News

Research that keeps going

In 2010, Ed Swan co-authored a paper on augmented reality—a burgeoning branch of computer science poised to become mainstream with applications in gaming, medicine, online shopping and more.
Campus News

Bulldog Built

This year, working alongside their families and many volunteers with Mississippi State ties, the pair helped build their own homes thanks to Starkville Area Habitat for Humanity.

Research of the Nerds

For generations of Americans who lived through taunts of “nerd” when their look or interests differed from the in-crowd, the word likely brings up feelings of adolescent angst. However, one group of Bulldogs embraces the label.

A Conversation in Code

From banking apps and social media to word processors and wearable fitness trackers, more and more of our lives rely on software.

Removing Barriers

Research has the power to change lives. Take for example, Cedric Gainwell Jr., Tanner Laird and Charles “Garrett” Lofton who conducted hands-on laboratory experiments at Mississippi State

Recognition & Remembrance

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