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Giving the Axe to ‘Woody Breast’

When it comes to meat consumption in the United States, chicken rules the roost. Last year, the average American consumed more than 100 pounds of chicken meat—more than twice the amount per capita compared to 40 years ago. Improved breeding and processing techniques—and, consequently, lower...

Nissan-T.K. Martin Partnership showcases commitment to community

A donation from Nissan North America has provided access to drivers’ education to many clients of the T.K. Martin Center. Outfitted with modern amenities and assistive technology, the donated 2021 Nissan Rogue sport utility vehicle will bolster the T.K. Martin Center’s ability to help those...

Driving Permitted

Mississippi State makes driving accessible to those with physical disabilities Like a rite of passage, most Mississippians head to their local highway patrol station at 16 years old to obtain a driver’s license. That piece of plastic—earned after demonstrating proficiency behind the wheel—opens the doors...

Research of the Nerds

For generations of Americans who lived through taunts of “nerd” when their look or interests differed from the in-crowd, the word likely brings up feelings of adolescent angst. However, one group of Bulldogs embraces the label.

A Conversation in Code

From banking apps and social media to word processors and wearable fitness trackers, more and more of our lives rely on software.

Removing Barriers

Research has the power to change lives. Take for example, Cedric Gainwell Jr., Tanner Laird and Charles “Garrett” Lofton who conducted hands-on laboratory experiments at Mississippi State
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