Illustration of a cityscape with the text "Mississippi State University—The Research Capital of Mississippi" and an outline of Mississippi featuring a star.

As the state’s most successful university at securing research dollars, the Bulldogs’ $278.3 million was over $100.8 million more than the next closest reporting institution—the University of Mississippi, whose numbers include projects from the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Mississippi State also accounted for more than a third of the state’s 2,127 funded, research projects reported for FY 2023.

“When someone is ready to invest in research, whether it’s in the ag sector, engineering or social sciences, we want them to know that Mississippi State University is here and ready to do the work,” explained Julie Jordan, MSU’s vice president for research and economic development.

“We have valuable expertise and leading-edge capabilities that allow us to use these investments to create jobs in Mississippi and produce results that will improve people’s lives and solve the challenges of today’s world,” she added.

In FY 2023, foundations and nonprofit groups were responsible for the biggest investment at Mississippi State with $12.5 million for 165 different projects. The U.S. Department of Transportation came in second with $9.3 million for nine projects.

These grants and awards, which often account for millions of dollars each, typically cover work that will occur over several years’ time. This means a $5 million grant secured in FY 2023 for a five-year project could influence research expenditures through FY 2027.

“We’re conscious of making sure that our sponsor’s investment is spent in a way to have the biggest impact,” Jordan explained. “Being good stewards of that funding means making sure each dollar is spent wisely and with purpose, all in service of finding answers and advancing science to the next level.”

Jordan said the breadth of MSU’s capabilities and its dedication to applied work that has real-world impacts makes the university an ideal partner for private and governmental organizations alike.

When it comes to securing a better future and addressing the needs of today, MSU is taking care of what matters.

“As a land-grant institution, we live by three principles: service, learning and research. And our research division takes all three to heart,” Jordan said. “We’re not just conducting research. We’re using that scientific discovery to ensure our students learn latest developments in their fields, and we’re serving communities by getting those advances in the hands of people who can use them to improve lives and livelihoods across the globe.”